Who is behind

Susanna Nousiainen is the creative behind the studio. She is originally from Finland, later located n Spain. She creates surface design patterns that has been previously sold through studios located in U.S.A and U.K. Now the online collection is available world wide.

Do you need to register?

Standard licensed designs are available without registration. To see exclusive premium license designs you would need to register.

How the licenses work?

Standard licensed designs are for commercial use up to 500 units. After you have used these 500 units, you would have to contact Susanna Nousiainen Studio for extend the license if you want to use it further.

Exclusive premium license is for company or individual who wants all the rights for the design, meaning you get total exclusivity for unlimited commercial production. This also means the design is immediately automatically removed from the marketplace.

Can designs be customized?

Yes. All the surface designs are customizable for the price agreed. Just contact if you need the surface design you would like to buy to be customized.

What are your file formats?

Standard license patterns are in jpg format and extended license patterns are in TIFF format

Can I return my purchase?

No. Sorry due to the digital format the surface design patterns are not to be returned.

How long does it take to get my files?

Files are downloaded immediately

Which device I need to open the file I have bought?

JPG files can be opened with mobile, ipad etc...

TIFF files are only able to be opened with a specific software

Are the designs in repeat?

Yes. All surface design patterns are in a seamless repeat, this means they are production ready.

If signing up, are you sending spam emails?

No. info is only sent when significant new designs are in.

Are you looking for an agent?

New request of agents are always welcome