My Van Life Adventure as an Artist

My Van Life Adventure as an Artist

So, picture this: five years on the road, cruising through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and passing through Europe all the way up to Finland in a Mercedes Vito that's more car than van.

Van life endless seneries

Compact, yeah, but perfect for squeezing into city parking spots and blending into the urban chaos. Our ride wasn't just wheels; it was a home, an office, and the space where artistic dreams took shape. Yep, I this wild ride was part of my past life.

Van life car

Living and working in a limited space required some serious MacGyver skills. The van wasn't some grand art studio, but it worked. I managed to dive into drawing and painting with acrylics, turning our snug space into a cozy cocoon of inspiration.


Working full-time on art in a moving vehicle? That was my gig. Every new stretch of road brought a fresh backdrop to my creative endeavors. Talk about a mobile muse!

Now, van life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Finding water and food becomes more challenging compared to living in a flat because the storing space is limited. Also, looking for parking spots for the night is another task. Plus, it's hard to do client work when you're not sure if you have to move to another place before finishing the task. And, on the road, it's tough to work; at least for me—I feel dizzy working in a moving car. Thank for solar panels! They provided power for gadgets, light for workspace, and the freedom to create wherever the wheels took us, all thanks to the sun.

blue sky

pink sky

Van life taught me some real-life lessons: minimalism, resourcefulness, and adaptability. The open road wasn't just a backdrop; it was a canvas waiting to be painted with imagination. My story unfolded in every mile, with all those sunsets, sunrises, darkness, pure sun, ocean, sky, mountains, lakes, rivers, villages, cities. And the end they all blended into something unique in the mind, somethin beautiful, like a moving memory.

Additionally, while doing van life, I was also skateboarding and surfing a lot, adding a thrilling layer to the nomadic artist lifestyle. Whether navigating city streets or catching waves along the coast, these experiences became an integral part of my van life narrative.

Skeitti kuva

Donkies and surfboard

Living on the road wasn't just a lifestyle; it was a bit of a philosophy. Breaking free from the norm, creating a narrative, and discovering that inspiration can be found on the open road. Van life wasn't just a journey; it was an exploration of self and creativity.

Surf village

After van life came caravan life. More about that in another blog post.

Any questions? Comment below. I can answer!


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