Earn Money in Surface Pattern Design Working Online

Earn Money in Surface Pattern Design Working Online


Surface pattern design is a creative field that offers exciting opportunities for artists to showcase their talent and earn money online. Whether you're an aspiring pattern designer or an experienced professional, there are various avenues to explore and monetize your designs. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective tips to help you generate income through surface pattern design.

Passive Income through Print-on-Demand (POD):

Print-on-Demand platforms have revolutionized the way artists sell their designs. By licensing your patterns to these platforms, you can reach a wide customer base without the hassle of manufacturing or shipping products. Some popular print-on-demand sites include Spoonflower, Society6, Zazzle, Merch By Amazon, Redbubble, and Etsy. Make sure to carefully read the terms of use or contracts on each platform to understand any variations. Additionally, consider platforms that offer royalty payments when your design is used by third-party sellers.

Digital Courses:

Creating and selling digital courses related to surface pattern design is another lucrative option. With the rise in demand for online learning, digital courses have become increasingly popular. You can share your knowledge and skills through your own website or platforms like Skillshare. Teaching others not only generates income but also establishes you as an expert in the field.

Licensing Your Artwork:

Licensing your artwork allows you to earn a percentage of sales when your designs are used in various industries. This approach can be challenging to control, so it's essential to partner with trustworthy companies that have significant sales volumes. As a licensed designer, you can expect to receive royalties ranging from 3% to 8%. Although licensing alone may not be the primary income source, it adds another layer to your revenue streams.

Direct Selling via Your Own Website:

Having your own website gives you complete control over your sales process. While it requires effort to attract customers, direct selling allows you to retain all profits (minus minimal transaction fees). Utilize marketing strategies such as social media promotion, content creation, and search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website.

Pattern Design Studio:

Collaborating with a pattern design studio can offer opportunities to showcase your designs to clients or agents. While the earnings from studio sales may be lower compared to direct customer sales, the volume of sales can make up for it. Research reputable studios that align with your artistic style and goals.

Pattern Design Agent:

Working with a pattern design agent can help you secure higher earnings for your designs compared to a studio partnership. Agents specialize in marketing and selling your patterns, providing you with better rights and increased exposure. Consider partnering with an agent who has a strong track record in the industry.


Earning money in surface pattern design is a realistic goal if you leverage online platforms, explore different revenue streams, and establish your brand. From print-on-demand platforms to digital courses, licensing opportunities, and direct selling, there are numerous paths to success. Consider your personal preferences, artistic goals, and the level of involvement you desire when choosing your income-generating strategies. Remember to stay persistent, continue learning, and adapt to industry trends to thrive as a surface pattern designer.

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Date: 14th June 2023

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